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-friendly environment and good for the user. >> sure. >> as to my colleague said here, the consumer has to be identified for the first stem when they come into the web site. right now it's very general. of you take acknowledge average consumer and ask elementary, basic questions, you separate that user long a process of user interface, by the time they get to the third page, you isolated the information they're looking for. right now it's congested. you lose your way in the process. to your other question about servers, definitely would inacross the server capable, spread it out. there is a phase that needs to happen that hasn't happened, of testing different load balances of between 200,000 people and two million people at the same time. it hasn't been done. once you do that you can at least secure the web site is not going to crash when it's important for the user to actually navigate through it. >> that's assuming that the people want to go on to the site and try it out. once burnt they might be more than twice shy on that. >> yes. exactly. the use irright now is in a stage where they're not sure wha
. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. lou: a new report in the "wall street journal" says president obama did not know the nsa spied on war leaders until this past summer. the message officials telling the wall street journal the program was stopped after the president's side had been uncovered during a white house review. spain is the latest in a number of allies including germany, france, brazil, mexico to protest against the yen as a surveillance the mayor report in the spanish newspaper says it recently tracked some $60 million in spain over one month. the state department today stated again that the suspects linked to the benghazi terrorist attack have not been placed on the state department's so-called rewards for justice program which follows another scathing report that by is the white house for what was a planned, sophisticated and a premeditated attack on a barely protected american compound. sixty minutes reported claims from a former british soldier w
that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. that soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully, she uses act restoring mouthwash. it rebuilds tooth enamel, making your teeth two times stronger. act. smile strong. >>> immigration reform is certainly one of the president's top priorities for action by the end of this year. the democrat-controlled senate passed a bipartisan measure in june to allow some of the 11 million undocumented people living in the united states eventually to have a pathway to citizenship but the bill is stalled right now in the republican-controlled house of representatives. republican congressman jeff denham of california has broken ranks with his fellow republicans say he will vote with the democrats if the bill comes to the floor. he's joining us to explain his decision. congressman, thanks for coming in. >> it's good to be with you again. >> tell us why you decided to break with your other republican colleagues and side with the democrats when it comes to a p
. and it's in the context of this dynamic technology environment that the president has directed us to review our surveillance capabilities. >> one report from a german tabloid indicated that president obama knew that the nsa was tapping the phone of the german chance explore he allowed it to continue, again, german tabloid, a spokeswoman for the agency says that is simply not true. and "the wall street journal" reports the nsa stop monitoring chancellor merkel and other leaders after a white house review uncovered the operations. "the wall street journal" again. meanwhile, a state department spokeswoman says our ambassador to spain met with officials there to discuss reports that the nsa tracked more than 60 million phone calls in that country in one month. dana perino was the press secretary under george w. bush, the 43rd, president bush, 43, and this was happening under bush 43rd. >> i suppose. i don't get the outrage. i don't. i can mott believe the white house said we're going to have to curtail our operations, our intelligence, because they were embarrassed over a report. ther
distinction we will take that." >> all of this is an in environment. where you half the other side claiming there are death panels. you have the frank lund language. this is the end of humanity as we know it. hyperbole. yes, they were looking to have a very, straight forward streamlined message that americans could really, attach to, attach their support for. against hyperbole. now we are seeing what is happening with that. same time. again. big picture. this will change the lives of millions of americans. that fact should not beep lost. >> you have tried off to leg on. now because you are in new york, you get to use the the new york website which is working pretty good. >> yes. the first week. not working. not working. not going to sit here and line. it was not working. because i am uninsured. i was patient. i've rationed my inhaler for a year. i was patient. perhaps more than people doing it symbolically. and they don't have to call, call centers, log on to sites to get other services in that way. i was logging on. i have plans to pick from. i haven't picked one. not picking out a shirt.
the head of dow chemical, they are here saying that america is a favorable environment for any foreign inning invest. they are talking about the low interest rates that the u.s. has. the low cost, relative low costs of energy and transportation costs. the one weakness that has been pointed out, is that america needs to do a better job training americans for the jobs that are available. for example, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. some 600,000 of those jobs available right now, but no one is available to fill them. and so america's school system needs to do a better job getting people ready for the jobs that are out there. >> randall pinkston joining us live from woosh wash. randall, thank you very much. a iraq's prime minister also visited washington asking for help, saying he needs help dealing with the growing insurgency that has killed thousandthousands of iraqis thi. how is he describing little situation in iraq right now? >> reporter: he's making no bones about the fact that the terror has increased the number of deaths has increased dramati
's partisan environment, the hits are going to keep on coming on the administration from republicans and others. where does the administration, the white house, the president, go from here? >> inside the hearing room yesterday, the republicans were so tough, the democrats did rally to the secretary's side quite a bit even though they asked tough questions, too, on the politics. they were trying to help her a little bit. where did you go from here? the president came to this town to try to get people to lift their heads, look over the horizon saying when mitt romney's health care plan, a bipartisan plan rolled out, only 123 signed up the first month. now, years later, the public is happy with that program. it was a good try by the president saying the same thing, they have to get through the embarrassing stories. the volume at least in washington will get turned down a bit, because congress is going home. they'll have a chance to restore some faith in this. >> before congress leaves, another deadline i've got to ask you about, december 13th, when this budget conference committee, the
a political point. i think i was trying to describe the environment that i found myself in. i am a pastor first and foremost. i'm not a politician. i am descriptive rather than prescriptive. so what i was describing was phenomena that i saw on both side of the aisle. i think, for instance, i made a statement, remove the burdens of those who are the collateral damage of this federal shutdown. most of my members were furloughed. i'm aware of the burden that is they have to bear. i made a plea for their not to be a delay in death benefits to the grieving families of our fallen warriors. i did that primarily because i have made scores of death notifications to next of kin as a navy chap plain for 27 years and i appreciate the incomprehensible nature of their grief. so i was praying out of pastoral concern rather than trying to make a political point. >> do you feel as though you were giveing a voice some somes those people who were furloughed or for military families then? >> i think a critical part of prayer is to lift to god the concerns and the need of the people you serve. so you are a vo
over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. bill: fox news alert now. want to take you down to wall street. open for business but the stocks takeing a tumble yesterday. federal receive talked about the future of its bond buying program. 85 billion a month for 15 months. holy smokes! martha: where did all the money come from? bill: good money if you can get it. we're off 13 points right now. we'll watch it through the morning. 9:30 in new york. >> who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or your designee? >> let me be clear i'm not pointing fingers at verizon. i'm trying to explain the way the site operates. we own the site. the site has had serious problems. >> so who is in charge, madam secretary? >> the person now in charge as an integrator is qssi, one much our -- >> who was in charge as it was being built. >> the team was in charge as it was being built. >> who is was the one -- >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> excuse m
in that environment you were asking for more security assets and you were not getting them? greg hicks says, that's right. she says, did you fight that? he says, i was in the process of trying to frame a third request but it was not allowed to go forward. lars, is it the same or different? >> it's different. here's why. in august of that year, 2001, the nsa, then secretary rice -- not secretary rice, but dr. rice, said there is some kind of threat coming from al qaeda that might involve airplanes somewhere, sometime. that was very nonspecific. this was a specific threat message from our own people on the ground who said, we have inadequate security. we have security locally hired that has promised to run away if attacked. which is exactly what they did that night. >> right. >> there's a difference between a specific security threat that could have been answered with additional resources and a nonspecific threat like august of 2011. >> will hillary clinton have to answer this question successfully to be able to run for president. >> she has to address this issue. it permeates the public consciousn
of the day this was a superior candidate in an environment that very much favored democrats. >> jim, let me ask enthusiast, from outside of virginia not following the race close lui it makes no sense to me a libertarian candidate who run against cuccinelli whose conservative policies are pretty good. he was less than diplomatic in his book taking on social security, medicare, doing a lot of things saying man that's not smart if you want to get elected in america. yet a libertarian is pulling eight points from him. if the libertarian isn't in the race it would be much close center >> it would be much closer. cuccinelli has had baggage since the beginning on scandal coverage that had an effect on this race. >> why do the libertarians feel a candidate against one of the most conservative guys you can find in virginia. >> welcome to the republican party. that's the debate we've been having on capitol hill in most cases someone is never conservative enough and there's a difference between the libertarian strain of conservatism right now and even the conservative strain of the conservatism right
'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> time now for "the ridiculist." a cautionary tell, in connecticut the news morning team was disgust when the meteorologist found food on the floor and ate it. take a look. >> you look great and that's all over here. >> what is happening? >> come on, clean up. >> awe, awe. >> let's go to the roads. >> i can't believe you ate that. >> you can't? >> i do. >> it's elephant. >> they taste like shoes. >> oh. >> smells like feet. [ laughter ] >> you are crazy. you just ate that right off the floor. >> i don't think that the -- >> oh, boy. >> i don't think -- >> that is beyond the three-second rule. way beyond. >> so he ate some serial okrer the floor. i'm not judging, except it does get worse. >> ladies and gentlemen, those were not grape nuts that i ate. i kept finding more and for of it on the floor and i thought it was grape nuts because it looked just like it. my cat threw up and i stepped it in and that's what i ate. i thought it was grape nuts. i ate cat vomit right here on televis
to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> hey, welcome back. a brazilian surfer may have set a record. the wave was taller than 100 feet, not definitive, that's well over the number he needs to break a record in 2007. garrett east record is 78 foot wave. location is known as a mecca for giant waves and also incredibly dangerous spot to surf. there are rocks right at the base just before he caught that mountain of a wave which could have killed him, he rescued a fellow surfer and friend who nearly drowned. joining me is carlos bulay. congratulations. i watched the video of you on that wave over and over again today. every single time your heart stops. what was it like riding the wave? >> it's crazy, you know, because you going so fast and you know that it can fall and it's like going down a mountain that never ends because while the wave it -- it's very intense and it's so hard for you to keep control in a situation like that, and i had my heart coming up out of my mouth all the time like you have to hold yourself you have to hold yourself. you're not going
when army secretary john mchugh says that in today's fiscal environment the best-case scenario for our military's budget is treacherous. ray odierno says it hampers the military's ability to train its own troops. while there is waste and overlap in every federal agency, the pentagon budget not excluded, there is much to be said for congress doing its primary job of governing, passing a budget. for the last four years we see continuing resolution after continuing resolution has placed in our military. earlier this year we saw the rigid requirements that harmed the department of defense when president obama's sequester took place. before these cuts, the nonpartisan congressional budget office said our defense program was already underfunded by 5% with modernization underfunded by 10%. thankfully, congress took quick action that allowed the d.o.d. to operate under a budget in order to meet all of their nisscal requirements and have more flexibility as they asosh the across-the-board sequester cuts. general odierno revealed just this week that two army brigades are combat ready and trainin
a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. >>> remember me? i usedn to face of the health care website. now i'm out of a job. thanks a lot, obama care. >> i can't even log into the website. now they want me to talk to an actual person on the phone? what a nightmare. thanks, obama care. >> i just got a cancellation notice. this communist is denying me of my liberty to have crappy health insurance. thanks, obama care. but toure, who are you? >> death panel. thanks, obama care. >> this halloween is proving spooky and frightful for washington. the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll is the little shop
these rules now, and some people are getting knocked off. in this political environment that's a personal policy challenge for anyone who's being hassled by this. they might even realize in a year or two they liked their plan better. it's either the same amount of money, a little less or not so much more. but at the moment it's a personal hassle on something that's incredibly personal to you, your health care. for republicans it's t ball. >> charles, it could cost some people more money. they might get subsidies. >> it will cost some people less money. that i think is the bigger failure here, which is that you want to disclose why you're on offense. you don't want to have to make up for it when you're on defense. now you're on defense and somebody else has brought this to the public attention and they're having to deal with this on defense. that's not the position that the administration wants to be in the president could very easily have said -- and this would not have been a big deal to say, the vast majority of americans will be able to keep their health care as it exists now under oba
pregnancies. my home environment. about relationships. about all these things that no other doctor ever asked me questions about. >> how about your sleeve? >> reporter: concierge medicine is not cheap, $1500 a year in addition to the cost of insurance. for that patients get same or next-day appointments, longer physicals and 24/7 email and phone access. >> weekends, 11:00 at night, 2:00 in the morning i had an incident when i first joined and he takes your call. what other doctor is going to do that? >> first and foremost doctors are telling us if i don't make this change i'm leaving medicine. >> reporter: one big reason? the affordable care act. since the law passed number of doctors practicing concierge care increased 25% to some 5,000 doctors. >> when you're seeing 30 or 40 patient as day, giving them five, six, seven minutes each, they're very, very worried they will make a mistake and someone will die because of it. >> reporter: lower reimbursements under obamacare means doctors need to see more patients to maintain the same revenue. for some that is a trade they're unwilling to make. >>
and transparent investment environment. our process for reviewing national security inch cakeses of foreign investment in the united states focuses solely on national security considerations and reviews are pleated within a period of one to three months. so as we press forward, we know where we need to focus our efforts. the prioritiest just outlined are clear and doable. they amount to real solutions that will make a real difference for our economy now and in the future. and i'd like to close by thanking the commerce department for hosting this summit, as well as everyone in this room for coming today. america has always been known as the land of opportunity. a place where you can make it if you try. and have no doubt, opportunity in the united states is very much alive and well. it's alive for our workers, it's alive for our businesses, and it's alive for all of you who invest here. thank you very much. [applause] >> commerce secretary penny pritzger and president obama will be speaking to the group about 1:20 eastern, we'll have live coverage of that. in the senate, the nomination of for
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to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management. >>> we are getting this in to cnn. a top suspect in the deadly attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, multiple sources telling cnn the raid was just hours away when the decision was made to abort. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she has been working the story. what are you learning? >> we all know there has been huge political pressure on the white house to go after those benghazi suspects. the ones that attacked the u.s. compound last year. killing four americans. including ambassador chris stephens. cnn learned from several horses that u.s. commandos missed a crucial opportunity earlier this month. they were in libya, delta force commandos, to grant an al qaeda operative, abu al libby when they were going to go after this guy. ahmed abu khattalah. they were going to switch to goi
plan to drill and protect the environment. aljazeera continues. we're back with with you in two and a half minutes. >> kathleen sebelius on the health care hot seat. all eyes will be on her as she gets set to defend the affordable care act and its problem-plagued website. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. >> the head of the n.s.a. die i, saying the gathering of intelligence around the world is not only critical, it helps keep americans safe from terrorists. >> a new crisis in sir yes, children testing positive for polio. the latest outbreak could be the tip of iceberg. >> a bus crash in india, police searching for the company's owners. >> fireworks are expected an hour from now on capitol hill when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will appear before a house committee. that committee is looking into problems with the rollout of the affordable care website. she was optimistic in the weeks leading up to the launch. >> we're on track to have the marketplace up and running on october 1 and i'm confident that we will
environment. >> they can tolerate radio interference from electronic devices. it's up to each airline to come up with faa approval. by the end of the year, we should be able to use electronic devices from take off to landing, but in the airplane mode. delta says it's ready. >> anything you can hold on to, e-readers and tablets can be e used gate-to-gate. >> stan was multitasking waiting to fly home. >> i tell people to power them down. because people say 16,000, whatever the number is, is safe. >> reporter: this is good news for you? >> great news. >> reporter: you don't have to be a cop anymore. >> don't need to be a cop. >> reporter: you will be allowed to connect to the plane's wi-fi system that the airlines charge for. >> have you had other customers tell you to power down? >> never. >> i have seen it once or twice. >> i have a son who is not a good traveler. we had thomas the train on at the last moment. itis not wi-fi, it's a video. some rude lady two rows behind said power down. i said well the alternative really isn't good. >> exactly. all right. >> i have a better story. my better
and noisy environments because of how it works with your ear's own anatomy. can your hearing aid do all this? lyric can. to learn more about lyric's advanced technology, call 1-800-411-7040 or visit trylyric.com for a risk-free 30 day trial offer and free dvd and brochure. get the hearing aid that can. lyric from phonak. lyric can. gregg: some breaking news in midtown manhattan, left-hand side of your screen. there you see emergency crews. apparently an object from a building blew off a landing and landed on a scaffold damaging the scaffold. three people are being treated on the site. nobody has been taken to the hospital so far. the area is being roped off. fire department and police assessing what caused the situation. we can tell you it is not only rainy in new york city but heavy, heavy winds right now. don't know if that is related. we'll continue to follow it. martha: under the radar this week but it's a big issue. there are new questions about our nation's standing in the world after "forbes" magazine ranked russian president vladmir putin as the world's most powerful person in 2013.
hygiene really is this idea of making our living environment conducive to us sleeping the best we can. couple things to keep in mind. i mentioned the importance of going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time, that's important so keep that schedule. other things we can do at home, make sure we're avoiding caffeine and large meals right before bedtime. that really disrupts our sleep patterns. there's a couple of other things also. exercise as a physician i always want my patients to exercise but not before bedtime because this could keep you awake as well. make sure that your bedroom is conducive to sleeping, that the temperature is not too warm, nice and cool,' temperate and also make sure we're turning off the phones, turning off the television and the computers, because we really want to get our mind geared up and ready to rest. >> no tweeting before bed? okay, so says the doctor. we want to turn to another topic on a slightly different note a report out of brooklyn, eight sixth graders were hospitalized, two sent to the doctor after axe body spray was sprayed in a c
earlier. >>> cash for clunkers help the environment. new study reveals it was just a lemon. the reason loose fuel economy requirements and only a small boost in employment. researchers say other programs like reducing payroll taxes would have done a lot more to promote job growth. americans traded in 700,000 clunkers during the program in 2009. a woman posts an angry letter to the thief who stole her bike. a good samaritan reads it instead. her bike was stolen while she was working. she wrote a book and taped it on a lamp post. the story of her note caught the attention of a man named bob curry who remembered how it felt to have his own bike stolen. curry and his daughter took her to a bike shop and bought her a new one. that is so unusual. wow. >> so nice though. >> a nice person. yeah. >> speaking of nice people. >> red a bedtime story. >> >> so funny you say that. >> a bowl of mush. >> rick and i -- i was thinking the same thing. hansel and gretel. >> across areas of the northeast, get ready for some changes. we have been very warmer to the last couple of days and here is how we are
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)